There are many stories and legends about Santorini or -Thera- in the official language, this marvelous island of the Cyclades. These legends do not refer only to the islands history but also to the causes of its gradual formation was due to the tremendous activity of local Volcanos, which were also at the root of its genesis. Thus, Santorini's soil and landscapes, the colors, of the land and the sea around it, the strong light, the depth and the transparency of its horizon --harmonious emerald vision--create a unique whole, the extraordinary beauty of which tends to make you forge the night-mare of its creation, and underlines the splendour of its present aspects and the fact that Santorini is recognize as the most valuable pearl in the string of the Greek archipelago. there is none who has remained unmoved by the incomparable sight of Santorini. The vision of this island has cast its spell over people in the whole world, so that Santorini-Thera is no longer a small and remote spot somewhere  in the Greek seas but a focus point of interest, universally known and attracting all king of people ---- aesthetes and romantics, realists and dreamers---- who ardently wish to get acquainted with it.
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The best way to reach  Santorini is by boat. Departures by sea are dally from the main port of Greece Piraeus. The passenger and car ferries are direct connections and also lines which link Santorini to other islands--Syros, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Milos, Sykinos,  Folegadros. In the summer there are connections to Rhodes and Crete. Those who travel by sea have the opportunity to get a brief taste of the Cyclades islands before and after the call at Santorini. There is also an air connection from Athens--twice a day in the winter and many additional flights in the summer. Charters that comes from all over Europe can reach up to 65 per day. Santorini is also a port of call for many cruise lines. Visitors arriving this way have about half a day on the island.
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