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The International Women's Organization Santorini invites you to their Annual Dinner - Dance at the Taverna Meroula, Vlichada with live music. On Saturday the 4th of December, 2004 at 9:00pm. Contact Number: (Tel: 22860-82113)

A part of the income from the dance will be used towards the purchase of an automatic portable ventilator which will be used by the Health center for emergency cases with breathing difficulties due to intubations. Until now only a manual machine has been available, which needed to be operated constantly by a doctor and could not accompany the patient in an emergency airlift.

Study Development in Santorini: Following Mr. Nikos Zorzos (Municipality Councilor) initiative and with the unanimous decision of the Municipality Council, professors and students of the Cincinnati University from the U.S, visited the island from the 14th of June until the 9th of August to study the problems resulting from the development on the island and propose solutions.

The first stage of the study was completed this year. The application studies will be completed next summer. Upon completion of the studies the municipality will have the possibility to materialize them. If Santorini is chosen as the pilot island, then continuing tourism on the island will be assured in the future. nformation taken from "Santorini Times"

Geology Seminar: A very interesting seminar was recently organized by the Cultural Association of Santorini on the topic of "New perceptions and approaches to the geology and natural environment of Santorini". It took place at the Bellonio Cultural center with gust speakers from the National and Kapodistriakou Universities of Athens: Mr. D.Papanikolaou, Mr. E.Velitzelos, Mr. E.Lekkas, Mr. A.Katerinopoulos, Mr. K. Sideris and Mr. P.Mitropoulos who spoke on the following topics: The place of Santorini in the field of Greek geodynamics, Rational presentation of paleontological finds of Santorini, Catastrophic geodynamic phenomena, Nea Kameni volcano, Kouloumbo volcano and the volcanology research center in Santorini.

Professor Velitzelo emphasized that the Cultural Association has initiated a successful cooperation with the following aims: The immediate creation of a fossil collection to be displayed in a building in Perissa donated by the Orthodox church, The creation of a museum for local fossils-a plan which has been approved by the Municipal Council and for which a collection of finds has already been started. In

formation taken from "Santorini Times"

Santorini Animal Welfare Association
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